Hi-Desert Medical Center community health education program presents:
An In-Depth Look at Hand Surgery Procedures
Thursday, May 19, 6 p.m.
Even when we are resting other joints, the wrists and hands are busy.  When hand pain interferes, daily activity comes to a stop.  Multiple small bones with intricate connections to multiple nerve networks, ligaments and tendons mean our hands are the most sensitive and useful of body parts.  Wrists and hands are susceptible to injury from accidents, misuse and overuse.  Hand pain can be caused by arthritis inflammation, Ganglion cysts, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis and more.  Hand surgery is an orthopedic procedure performed for a wide variety of reasons and may help alleviate restricted range of motion, repair muscles, tendons or bones damaged through injury or disease.  Join Orthopedic and Certified Hand Surgeon Jeffrey Seip, M.D., for this informative seminar.  Learn who benefits from hand surgery, common types of hand surgeries and procedures, and the latest treatment advances. 
The lecture is FREE but registration is required by calling 760-366-6324 or by completing the information below.
      Jeffrey Seip, M.D.
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