Diabetes is a lifelong condition that requires many—and sometimes difficult—lifestyle changes. Hi-Desert Medical Center hosts FREE education classes for newly diagnosed diabetes patients or those who could benefit from review of basic disease management. 

Registered dietitian, Betty Geiger, R.D., at Hi-Desert Medical Center provides relevant tools and information patients need. Betty has expanded the education to four one-hour classes to provide comprehensive training and understanding. These classes are designed so you may begin your education anywhere within the four-session cycle.

  • Where Do I Begin? Start with the basics to understand Diabetes, including carbohydrate counting, plate method and choosing foods, managing and preventing hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and the importance of daily testing.
  • Controlling My Blood Sugars. Information on how to lower your blood sugar, portion and plate sizing, choosing healthy snacks, managing sick days, and reading food labels.
  • Blood Pressure and Lipids. Learn about medical nutrition therapy for improving blood pressure and lipid numbers, fats and fiber intervention, sources of sodium and setting goals to achieve improved health.
  • Weight Management.  Understand weight management and the body-mass-index, calorie lowering strategies, the importance of activity and setting exercise goals, alcohol and diabetes, and review of your medications.

Join Betty at 11:00 a.m. on the first four Tuesdays of the month for these FREE classes in the Helen Gray Education Center on the medical center campus in Joshua Tree. Questions about the class may be directed to the marketing department by calling 760/366-6324.