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Baker family publicly thanks HDMC ER-Doc for saving son's life
August 16, 2012
During the August meeting of the Hi-Desert Medical Center Board of Directors, San Bernardino County Shieriff's Service Specialist Anita Baker thanked Dan Olesnicky, MD, ER physician at HDMC.  He treated her son Jacob, who was 12 at the time, for major injuries resulting from a hit-and-run in Twentynine Palms.  Of the ordeal, Anita said: "We believe everyone who was placed in my son's path the night of the accident was there because they are the most competent medical professionals available.  Jacob was meant to be saved and to go on to help others in his life.  We are forever indebted to the medical staff at HDMC.  `Thank you` will never be enough.  We will pray daily for all of them."

Anita presented Dr. Olesnicky with a rosary belonging to a friend who had it with him when he was wounded in combat in Vietnam, along with a card that read, "I held this in my hand while you held Jacob's life in yours.  May God continue to guide you in everything that you do."

Pictured, from left: Geraldine Baker; Shawn Baker; Dan Olesnicky, M.D.; Jacob Baker and Anita Baker.