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HDMC Medical Seeks Recommendations 
for Regaining Financial Solvency
November 14, 2012
After the November board meeting on November 13, the Hi-Desert Medical Center's Board of Directors took action to address the healthcare District's growing financial challenges.  They concurred that staff attain outside experts in order to stabilize the financial conditions and return the District to financial solvency.  The Board stipulated that these consultant services be completed by January 31, 2013, and a summary report be presented at the February board meeting.  These financial challenges are consistent with other California Healthcare District facilities throughout the state, and may in part be due to the national financial crisis, decreased government reimbursement, and recent significant federal and state healthcare regulations.

"Management has taken many appropriate actions to mitigate these challenges, yet further expertise and guidance has been deemed necessary in order to respond to emergent changes and improve the financial standing of the District, while preserving existing services," said Board President Dianne Swella, DC.

"We appreciate that our board shares our sense of urgency to take any and all actions that may reduce our losses and assist in our stability," stated Lionel "Chad" Chadwick, PhD, FACHE, chief executive officer.

Consultants will recommend options, actions, and initiatives for consideration by management in the near to mid-term to assist the District in addressing these challenges.