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Rehabilitative Therapy Services

Pictured above: Hi-Desert Medical Center's Rehabilitative Team

Today’s physical and occupational therapists provide a dynamic, comprehensive role in healthcare, improving and maintaining the quality of life for millions of Americans. Hi-Desert Medical Center’s physical therapy staff is no exception. Rehabilitation Services are often necessary to help recovery from a stroke, injuries, arthritis, major surgery, debilitative disease, nerve or muscle disorders or chronic pain.


Hi-Desert Medical Center's Rehabilitative Services offers patients:

  • Physicial Therapy: Physical therapists evaluate, treat and educate patients to help prevent or alleviate pain and dysfunction.  To restore mobility and function, physical therapists employ a variety of treatment techniques to increase motion, increase strength, improve balance and decrease pain.
  • Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy is generally recommended following a stroke, accident or illness.  Patients participate in directed activities to increase strength and coordination.  Hand therapy, massage and other techniques are used to decrease pain, while exercise increases motion.  Therapists teach simplified ways to perform self-care, household and work activities with special aids or assistive devices.
  • Speech and Language Pathology: Speech and language pathologists work with patients to recover speech and swallowing capabilities lost due to stroke or trauma.  In addition, persons of all ages can be evaluated and taught to advance their speech, language, fluency and articulation skills.  Through counseling, education and therapeutic intervention, therapists help persons increase their vocabulary, expand word choices, improve articulation and promote fluency.  We assist total laryngectomy patients with the best mode of comuunication by providing support, intervention and teaching.
  • Hand Therapy
  • Work Conditioning
Requirements for Rehabilitative Services
Therapy is offered on an outpatient basis at our clinic in Yucca Valley, or on an inpatient basis at the Hi-Desert Medical Center and the Continuing Care Center, both located in Joshua Tree.  Therapy is also available through our home health program.  
Getting Started
Treatment is covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal, and most insurance; check with your carrier to be sure.  A physician's order is required.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 760-366-7758.
The Hi-Desert Medical Center Outpatient Physical Therapy Office is located at
57045 Yucca Trail, Suite 101, Yucca Valley, California 92284