The Extra Mile Club program recognizes and rewards individuals based on the healthcare District's core values.  They are:
The highest standards of behavior encompassing honesty, ethics, and doing the right thing for the right reason.
Providing excellent service and compassionate care.
Responsible management of assets and financial resources.
Visionary and extraordinary creativity; exploring new opportunities to improve the quality of life for all persons.
An abiding respect for others and a sustaining synergy and commitment to work together.
Maintaining a position of value in one's self, toward customers, the District and the communities we serve.
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Please note that patient information is protected and restricted by law.  Unless you are the patient or CCC resident, do not use the patient's name in the description.  This nomination cannot be considered if patient confidentiality is broken.
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As a patient or resident, I understand that HDMC protects confidential patient information and is restricted in how that information is used.  By submitting this information to Hi-Desert Medical Center I give HDMC permission to share the enclosed information with the individual I wrote about as well as use it in the recognition program which may include posting this information for HDMC staff to read. 
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