Special Additions Prenatal Education Classes

Our Special Additions prenatal education program is designed to give you and your new addition a healthy beginning.  Below is a list of classes offered in the program.  If you are interested in participating in the prenatal education program or have questions about it, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  You are also welcome to call Special Additions and speak with one of our team members about the program: 760-366-6370.
Special Additions Prenatal Education Program offers incentives for parents to participate and prepare for their new arrival.  Points are assigned to each class.  Parents may earn points by attending classes.  A FREE infant car seat is awarded when you have earned 6 class points.
Infant CPR
Focus is on instructing parents how to deliver infant and child CPR as recommended by the American Heart Association. 
Child Birth Preparation
Focus is on breathing and relaxation methods during labor and delivery using the Lamaze technique.  Emphasis is on what to expect during labor, delivery and hospital stay.  This is a two-part class.
Breastfeeding Class
Focus is on the anatomy of the breat, normal newborn behavior, feeding cues, frequency of feeds and common concerns with breastfeeding, benefits of breastfeeding; what to expect; basic breastfeeding techniques and problem solving.  Babies are born to breastfeed!
Pregnancy 101
Focus is on the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy such as fetal growth and development.  Also discussed is health habits, nutrition, exercise and what to expect during pregnancy.
Baby Basics
Focus is on infant care, feeding and safety. Included is when to call the doctor, immunization schedules and home safety.
New Mom
Focus is on what to expect for both mother and baby during the first six weeks after delivery, includes caring for yourself and postpartum emotions.
Car Seat Safety
Focus is on the proper use and installation of your infant car seat and an overview of the law and use of car seats.  Know how to prevent injuries by using your car seat properly.  Remember -- safety first!
Preterm Labor Prevention
This class is available on an individual basis.
Prepared Cesarean Section
This class is availab on an individual basis.
Refresher courses are offered to second time parents!

If you are interested in more information about the Special Additions Prenatal Education Program and would like our prenatal nurse educator, Tammy Aguilar to contact you, please complete the following information.   

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