Thanks for the memories 
March 2011
Continuing Care Center resident Linda Waldron sits in the lobby with some fellow residents on a sunny, crisp Hi-Desert afternoon, as CCC employee Cheryl Paul painstkingly cuts out small photos of a singer Neil Diamond. Linda smiles as she shares stories of the many Neil Diamond concerts she's attended over the years. To the casual observer, this might look like a scrap booking session; but it's not. Instead, Linda, along with other CCC residents, are gathering memories in the form of family pictures, hobbies, swatches, news clippings and yes, photos of rock stars they've followed over the years. These memories will be showcased in individual wooden memory boxes and placed outside each resident's room. Donated by the Hi-Desert Medical Center Auxiliary, these beautiful wooden treasue boxes depict lives rich in history and memories.
"These memory boxes are another representation of our center's culture change journey," explains Esther Tomaszewski, administrator. "They are meant to showcase each resident's life, and thus, enable staff and visitors to have a connection with them."
From resident Linda's perspective, these boxes help her to better get to know her neighbors. "This is such a neat idea," says Linda. "You get to know each other's hobbies, interests and family." She adds that she and her fellow residents are grateful to the auxiliary for their generous donation.
Photo, from left: Gretchen Ruggeri, resident Linda Waldron, Cheryl Paul and Wendi Davis.