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This portal allows you to access and manage your healthcare easily and securely, any time, 24/7: access your health information (medical visit history, health summaries and more), view laboratory and X-ray results, request hospital-based appointments, and coming soon . . . make payments, gather historical charges and statements . . . all with just a few simple clicks using your smart phone, tablet or computer.

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  • How will My Health Rec benefit me?

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  • Can I enroll my child in My Health Rec, and will I have access to his/her health information?

  • What lab results will be viewable in My Health Rec?

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  • Can I access my parents' account or give my children access to my portal information? Or, can I access multiple My Health Rec accounts with single login credentials?

  • Is a mobile version of My Health Rec available?

  • Will My Health Rec allow me to make online appointment requests or cancellation requests?

  • Will My Health Rec allow me to make online prescription renewal requests?

  • How do I read my blood pressure information?

  • Can I set up and access my My Health Rec account during my hospital stay?

For assistance with enrollment or any other questions you may have about accessing Your Health Partner Portal, please contact our coordinator, Ken Guinn at (760) 366-6738