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Comprehensive Medical Services with Expert, Compassionate Care

At Hi-Desert Medical Center, we’re committed to delivering our best medical care to every patient, every day. To help fulfill this commitment, we offer a wide range of services to help you get the health care you need in a warm, friendly environment close to home.

Explore Our Range of Services

Having a baby? Need knee surgery? As the leader for health care services in the Morongo Basin, we offer high-quality services and advanced treatments to give you the medical care you need. Our health care services include:

You and your family will benefit from our caring, qualified staff and advanced technology.

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To learn more, please call us at (706) 366-​6182 or use our online doctor search to find a doctor who’s right for you.

Find the doctor you need by using our online search tool. Search by name or specialty. 
Treatment in a balanced, holistic setting where privacy and comfort are our top priorities
We provide advanced, compassionate care for heart disease and heart attack patients.
Our Continuing Care Center — with 120 beds— offers subacute, skilled nursing and transitional care.
24/7 emergency care from doctors and nurses 
Our caring, professional hospice services provide compassionate end-of-life care to patients and families.
Our state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services include CT and MRI scanning and mammography.
Get easy, quick access to laboratory tests for an accurate diagnosis.
Having a baby? Learn about our family-centered Birthing Center.
Experiencing joint pain? We can help provide the orthopedic care and treatment you need.
Find out how our rehabilitation specialists and physical therapists create customized treatments for your needs.
Find out what to expect when you come in for surgery at Hi-Desert Medical Center.
Caring for the health of women of all ages through quality gynecological care, breast care and screenings.
Learn about our specialized ICU, pharmacy, infusion clinic and occupational health services.

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