Joint Care

Get the Treatment You Need for Joint Pain Relief

Ready to start living without pain? Whether your joint pain stems from an injury or a chronic condition, our orthopedic team can provide you with a range of options, personalized for your unique needs.

We provide you with both nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. Nonsurgical options may include self-care education, physical therapy and pain management.

When Joint Replacement Is Needed

If joint replacement is what you need to get back to your daily life, our surgeons use advanced prosthetic implants. Our innovative techniques help get you back on your feet quickly with minimal downtime.

We want to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome and get you back to your life. Our orthopedic services team will support you through your entire experience with us, from assessment through rehabilitation

Take the First Step Toward Pain-Free Joints

To find an orthopedic specialist at Hi-Desert, use our online doctor search. For an appointment or to learn more about orthopedic services offered at Hi-Desert Medical Center, please call (760) 366-6182.

Next Steps

You are invited to attend our Joint Camp!

We are pleased to offer our Joint Camp twice a month. By attending Joint Camp, you will hear from your Hi-Desert Medical Center multidisciplinary joint replacement team regarding pre-op and post-op considerations.

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Refreshments will be served.

Attendees who scheduled a joint replacement will receive our free Take a Hike t-shirt!

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