Breast Health

Our Mammography and Other Breast Health Services

Your health and wellness is our top priority at the Hi-Desert Medical Center. Our medical team uses state-of-the-art imaging technology to discover abnormalities as soon as possible.

We use advanced diagnostic equipment, which includes:

  • 3-D mammography: the only such equipment in the High Desert area


Regular check-ups and mammograms, especially after age 40, are an important way to keep your body healthy. The main goal of breast exams and mammograms is to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. Often during this routine care, benign conditions are detected that also might need treatment. 

The discovery of a lump in your breast can be very frightening. But not all lumps found in the breasts are malignant, or cancerous. They may be a benign breast condition, such as fibrocystic breast disease, which is characterized by pain in the breast and cysts. Only a mammogram and a doctor can diagnose the issue.

Mammogram Technology

Mammograms are an excellent screening and diagnostic tool for detecting breast cancer.

The newest technology is 3-D mammograms. This technology — which allows doctors to examine the breast using multiple images to build a three-dimensional image — can help find cancers earlier while reducing the need for women to come back for a second mammogram.

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To learn more about our Breast Health Services, or to schedule a mammography appointment, please call (760) 366-6358.

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